An independent documentary series created by a multiple award winning crew of Canadian film-makers. Several on the team are going through these trials themselves, so have a unique perspective to provide on the subject. It is rare when a film-maker gets to do a project that they are so closely emotionally tied to, and even rarer in this case since the subject has seldom been covered in film. This series will share the motivations and journeys of couples facing infertility issues, delving into the emotional struggles, as well as the hope that burgeoning science and medicine provide to overcome the obstacles in starting a family. Along with expert perspectives and celebrity interviews, we will be following several couples along their quest to start a family. Heartbreak and Joy, Hope and Despair… These journeys will introduce the audience to a subject that has been largely hidden from public view. Odds are you know someone who is facing infertility… and odds are they haven't told you.

We will be following several couples on their journey to start a family:

- A person preserving their fertility in the face of upcoming cancer treatments

- A young couple undergoing IVF due to medical issues (PCOS; Endometriosis; Premature Ovarian Failure; Male Factor Infertility)

- A Same-Sex Couple seeking to start a family with the help of reproductive medicine

- A couple travelling overseas for egg donation

- A couple adopting after failed IVF