Your chance at a sneak peek of our pilot episode!

24 August 2014
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We have been getting a lot of new traffic and fans due to getting a lot of hits from a viral Pinterest post.

Thanks to the new folks for coming onboard! We are at the late stages of completing our pilot television episode… THE END IS IN SIGHT!

We are currently in our second cut of video editing and will be moving along to sound design and composing in the next month or so.

If you want a chance to help us add to the production value of our pilot and increase its chance to get picked up by broadcasters near you, please visit our crowdfunding campaign below. We have a new perk which will give you an advance look at our entire pilot episode.


Due to the nature of licensing rights for broadcasters we will not be able to show our pilot episode publicly, but as a contributor you are part of the production team and can get a viewing months or even a year ahead of anyone in the public!

Home Stretch!!

6 February 2014
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We have just selected an editor for our pilot episode! We will be sharing more detailed information soon.

Take a gander at our editor’s little introduction Reel by clicking here for a Youtube video

Editor Video Introduction


We Need Your Help to Win $100,000 in Completion Funding for our Film!

13 August 2013
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Keep your eyes on this page!  


Coming on the 30th of September we will be entering the Aviva Community Fund Competition in order to get final completion funding for our film along with raising money for some other infertility awareness related items.

We need your help to be one of the winners.  All you need to do is to VOTE!  Everyone can vote every day for the two week competition.  It only takes a few dedicated people voting and sharing our story with their friends and family through their social media channels to make this a reality.  

Last year it took about 5,000 votes to make it through to the final round… that is less than 350 people voting daily.  With 1 in 6 couples facing infertility we should have a pretty big pool to draw on for votes.  The total number of votes is an important part of the judging criteria, so THE MORE VOTES THE BETTER!

We will update this page as we get closer and the competition is starting so you have all the details and links.  Click on the image below for more details on the competition.



You can also follow us on our Facebook group to get regular updates on this initiative!  

It has been a while since we checked in!

21 March 2013
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Production is slow right now, waiting to secure some additional funding to get going hot and heavy again at filming.

We have a nice poem that our Producer wrote about his infertility experiences… it was featured in an Expressions of Infertility art competition recently.


"Too Brittle for Hope"



Once I was a teacup

Hope of new life steeped within me,

Warm and homey.

Shiny porcelain, painted bright.

Partying amidst the cups and saucers

Of a set, out in the world.


When did I put myself away

In the back of the hutch,

Out of sight.

Disappointment riddling me,

With a million tiny fractures.

Jagged edged and leaking.


An empty vessel stained by loss

Too brittle for hope,

The heady, steaming brew of life,

Has long since drained away.

One more tiny blow and I shatter.

Never again whole.


-  C.S. John




Some Nice Media Coverage and Progress Update

3 November 2012
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Just got the current issue of Maclean's magazine, Canada's largest publication.  They had interviewed us for a story on infertility, and gave a nice shout out to the film project.

It was a full four page story titled "Thirty-Seven and Counting".  Click on the image below to go to the story.  As a bit of advice, don't go read the comments… as always the internet trolls have written ignorant uninformed things regarding the topic.


On the bad news side, our crowdfunding campaign has met with limited success and we are working hard to come up with additional funding to complete the filming.  Lots of great emails and comments from folks who enjoyed watching our short trailer video and lots of folks saying that they can't wait to see the final product… but only a handful aside from friends and family who went the extra step of donating a few dollars to help the effort move along.  


If you are a blogger, or are interested in helping to spread the word through your own social media channels… it would be greatly appreciated.  The link to give folks is  By clicking on the "trailer" link from that page you go to our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign where people can make donations of as little as $1.

We are confident that eventually we can raise the money and complete the film, it just may take significantly longer to do so than originally anticipated.  We had hoped for about 10% of our budget to come from crowdfunding, with so many people affected even a few dollars from a tiny fraction of folks would have reached our goal.

Expressions of Infertility

25 September 2012
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The Ottawa Fertility Centre has created a great event and competition called "Expressions of Infertility", and they are soliciting entries of artwork from those dealing with our issues.

If you are a poet, painter, or photographer and want to express yourself… the deadline is approaching fast!

For more details go to their webpage:

Behind the Scenes

12 September 2012
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We have returned from Prague and the filming went remarkably well.  We had a great local crew spearheaded by Cinematopgrapher Markus Krug and Production Manager Monika Hronova.

IVF Cube was thoroughly professional and treated our subject couple very well.  We will hold back the results of their treatment for you to see in the film, but it was documented very well and we had great access to the entire facility and laboratory.

We have posted some behind the scenes photos on our Facebook page:


Heading Overseas!

1 July 2012
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We are now less than two weeks until we head out from our home base in Vancouver, Canada and shoot the international segment of the film.

We will be going to Prague in the Czech Republic to follow a couple undergoing a donor egg IVF procedure.  In Canada egg donation is very rare due to legislative restrictions (sperm donation is OK…. go figure), so many couples head out of the country for their procedures.

We have connected with a great Czech crew, and all the pieces seem to be falling into place to complete the segment.  One thing we have certainly discovered is that Prague is going to be a stunning place to shoot in!




We will share the links to our Czech crew once we have permission from them to do so.  

A huge thanks to IVF CUBE clinic in Prague who is not only permitting us to film in their location, they are also doing the procedure for free for our subject couple.  We very much appreciate their support and their desire to see a project very close to their hearts be completed and seen by audiences around the world.

Second Large Corporate Partner Onboard!

22 May 2012
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We are very pleased to announce that Ferring Canada has provided generous support to our project.  It is largely through their efforts and support that we were able to complete our trailer video and the first phase of filming of our project.






First Video Footage Done!

17 May 2012
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Well, after a lot of planning, begging, and logistics… our trailer video is finally ready!


As always, there are things that can have gone better and new ideas that crop up for improvement… but overall it has been fairly well received.

The week leading up to releasing it was fraught with panic.  I have been involved in a lot of film and other projects, but this is the first time in a LONG time that it has been my own creative vision.  I had forgotten how truly terrifying it is to put something you created out there for the world to see and judge.  It is certain that not everyone will be happy, and that some people will be downright mean… you feel very exposed to the world, so you have to try to prepare yourself for those responses.

It is especially difficult in this case because it is a serious subject that I have a very personal and intimate attachment to.  It feels like a part of my soul is out there, even if I am not onscreen like the brave folks who volunteered to help us out by telling their stories.

I wanted to share some of the background of filming this video, as we consider others in the infertility community as partners in this endeavour.

The baby shown in the video was born through IVF… actually we had two babies on set that day and they were both IVF babies.

All of the people onscreen and many of the crew have been touched personally by infertility.  The medical staff at Genesis Fertility clinic (where we filmed part of the video) have made helping others create families into their life’s work.  It was humbling to interview them (there are several more interviews that will be in the full feature), and seeing how dedicated they were to their profession and helping others.

We filmed another segment at our own house.  While I was out organizing and filming for a day, my wife was at home decorating a room as a nursery to act as a “set” for the opening scene.  When I got home, I walked into the room and immediately started crying uncontrollably.  It looked so real and homey, and it was like I had walked into my dreams of how I wanted my life to be… like if I walked back out to the living room, my wife would be there playing with our baby.  Still being unsuccessful after so many years of trying to start a family, and knowing that we may never get to have that nursery for real was simply too much for my exhausted state to handle.

I sat there in our pretend nursery for a long time, asking myself if I could really do this project.  I have been reasonably resilient throughout our ordeal, but at that moment I felt brittle and fragile… like one little tap on my shoulder, or if I even breathed too deeply, I would shatter me into a million pieces that could never be put together.  Our own pain is still so raw and open, in that moment, surrounding myself with “all things infertility” for the next two years seemed an impossible task.

The actual filming day at our house involved a lot of tears and I managed to largely escape into the work of filming.  I am happy with the end result, but I know that moment in the ‘nursery’ is going to stay with me for a long time.



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